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Website Design and Development in St. Louis
St. Louis Website Design ExamplesWhat makes the perfect website? It's different for every business, after all, your business isn't just like all other businesses or even your closest competitor, for that matter. If your business niche is customer service, then your website should include some form of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). If you take pride in making it very easy for your customers to do business with you then you might accomplish the same online with a store that allows customers to view previously placed orders and set up re-order parameters easily or it could be as simple as having an interactive map to your location(s) or complete descriptions for all of your products and services and a site with incredible ease of use for your visitors.

One thing that all business websites must have is a Content Management System, giving you complete control over the text and images within your site 24/7. All businesses change - except the ones that go out of buisness, which you really don't want to be. You don't want to have to pay for every little change on your website, because it's the text and images that pertain to your business that are important to your customer not your site's design. If your website is 1 week out of date it just doesn't work for you - which is why all of our websites have extensive Content Management Systems included, whereas other web firms will charge you thousands of dollars.

Search Engine Optimization for St. Louis Websites
Having the right busniess website is usually only half the battle, now you need to the right type of visitors to it - ones that become customers! Getting your existing customers to go there is usually fairly easy, just reference the site and domain name on all of your customer communications. Most businesses, however, want their website to bring in new business and there are only three ways to do this. You can use extensive (and expensive) online and offline advertising, develop various online marketing plans that will either work well or not at all, or achieve prominent placment in the search enignes. Getting top search engine rankings, not just getting listed in the search engines, is what we do. Read what one client has to say:

Thanks for the great web sites you have built for us over the years. Also the search engine rankings and traffic you have achieved has been off the chart.

We started tracking Visitors in May of 2002 with a number at 5364 total visitors, as of April 2008 he has taken our numbers to 20,405, and we still continue to break our records.

All 3 of my web sites ranking in the top 10; sometimes I have the 1, 2, and 3 spot. You have always been very knowledgeable on the trends in the industry and know how to get results.

We have made many changes over the years by expanding on our sites to create more traffic and get higher rankings. Many of my friends in the Limo Business in St. Louis would love to have you onboard to help them, but I Just can't bring myself to turn over your name to my competitors.

If you are looking for a Web Master these are the guys you need to have.

Jeff Ellefson
A Perfect Touch Limo -

Online Application Programming and Development
St. Louis Website Design ExamplesNeed an online store, customer relationship management system, membership directory or something else well beyond a regular website? We have created some of the most advanced online applications running today. We have a website package just for restaurants that incorporate features typically found only in websites costing tens of thousands of dollars. Other feature-rich and ready-to-go web applications include a Private Label Business Directory, B2B Online Sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System, Onlne Store with integrated Google Base Products XML file generation and the ultimate website for any busiess that needs a robust informational website with an unlimited number of products and/or services and lots of photographs.

Screensavers could quite possibly offer more return on your marketing dollars than any other electronic medium - in part because they are so inexpensive. For just $500 we can create not just a professionally designed screensaver but one that will acomplish exactly what you want. This can include company introduction/branding, enhancing customer loyalty, new product/service introduction, customer loyalty program launches and more depending upon your specific needs.

Click here to download the A Perfect Touch Limousine screensaver

Click here to download the Bergfeld Recreation screensaverClick here to download the Synnott Mountain Guides screensaver